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A Little About Rankin

Rankin Middlebrook is a Licensed Officiant with Humanist Canada. He has been working in the Wedding world since 2016, and has officiated and MC’ed several weddings.

Rankin has worked in education and recreation for the last 15 years, primarily through summer camps. He has been described as approachable, even tempered, and he knows how to work a room.

Rankin graduated from Queen’s University with a B.A. (Hons.) in History and Religious studies, and has always been interested in ceremony and rites of passage.

You and Rankin will work together to make sure that your ceremony reflects you, your values, and your relationship. He is eager to officiate for any couple regardless of identity or orientation!

About Humanism

Humanism is a philosophy and worldview that is based on the principles of individual respect, dignity, and that individuals are accountable to and for themselves. For further information, please see


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the question that RMCeremonies get often.

How can we be sure Rankin is licensed?

  • Please visit this link
  • Download the CSV file
  • Search for Rankin Middlebrook to confirm Rankin’s credentials

What types of marriage are there?

To ensure that your marriage is performed properly and legally, an authorized official needs to marry you. There are 2 types of marriage ceremonies performed in Ontario: Religious or Civil: For the purposes of the law, a Humanist Ceremony is recognized as religious.

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How do I actually “get married?”

  • Obtain an Officiant 
  • Hopefully you contract Rankin with RMCeremonies as the officiant.  
  • Obtain a Marriage Licence 
  • Perform the ceremony 
  • Sign Licence  
  • You will receive a Record of Solemnization, this is a not a legal record. 
  • The Officiant will send the signed Marriage Licence to the office of the Registrar General for registration.  
  • Get a marriage certificate 
  • A marriage certificate is the legal record of a marriage. It is not a Record of Solemnization. This does not happen automatically. 
  • You can apply for a Marriage Certificate 6-8 weeks after the ceremony. 
  • A marriage certificate is used for numerous legal and social records. 
  • Pay a fee (fees vary between municipalities) 

Do I have to change my name?

  • NO, neither partners have to change their name 
  • You can assume a last name due to marriage or you can elect to change your last name, this requires a marriage certificate, and thus must wait until you have the certificate. 
  • https://www.ontario.ca/page/change-your-last-name 
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Remarrying after a divorce

  • IF you have been divorced you will need to bring official documentation indicating that your divorce has indeed taken place. 
  • the final decree 
  • the final judgment 
  • a certificate of divorce 

Process & Timeline

  • Interview – You will interview Rankin and ensure that he is right for your wedding, Rankin will also take some notes so he can customize your ceremony.
  • Interview Follow-up – Two days after your interview, Rankin will send you a copy of your contract and the notes he took.
  • Two Months Before Ceremony – Couple Obtains Marriage License and Rankin sends you a draft of your ceremony
  • Two Weeks Before Ceremony – Final draft of ceremony submitted to couple for approval
  • One Week Before Ceremony – Final Payment Due and Wedding Planner to contact Officiant
  • Day of Ceremony – Have a meaningful and memorable union.
  • Day After Ceremony – Rankin Sends The Marriage Licence to the Office of the Registrar General
  • Eight Weeks After Ceremony – Couple Contacts the Office of the Registrar General to get a copy of the marriage certificate

“Rankin officiated our wedding ceremony in September 2017 and we have absolutely no regrets! Everything about the process was seamless from the consultation through to reviewing and tweaking the final narrative. Rankin was genuinely eager to be involved in our special day and when the time came, he delivered flawlessly. If you’re looking for someone with a warm and engaging demeanor who can deliver the ceremony of your dreams, Rankin is the officiant for you!”

Brittany • Bride

Rankin officiated our wedding in 2019 and was awesome. He guided us through to the process. He made our ceremony reflect who we are and highlighted the things that were important to us. Rankin had our guests both laughing and crying during the ceremony and made everyone feel included.

Erinn • Bride

Contact Rankin

Have any questions that were not answered above? Want to know if Rankin is available for your special day? Give him a shout below.